A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

I Want to Marry the Princess!

Ellyn! You received a message from Clover's little dove that she is forced to marry a prince from another country due to some mishap between the rulers! The information was not given to you until the day of, because that's when Clover found out as well!! Go into the castle and stop the wedding before it happens!!!

Hack­and­slash your way through the guards of the castle to save the princess!!


Left click/X=Slash attack

Right click/C=Magic attack

Spacebar/Z/Up arrow=Jump

Arrows/A/D=move left and right


Story ­ Joelyn Lai
Sprite Art ­ Joelyn Lai
Title image ­ shunao and na4_n
Talk Sprites ­ shunao and na4_n
Music ­ Laryssa Chan and Alexander Whalen
SFX ­ Jesse Hartov
Programmer ­ Jacob McClain Morris (@omgAyane)
Everything else ­ Alan Hsueh

This game was made in 2 months for the Yuri Game Jam!

If there are any issues let me know @omgAyane

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Unity

Install instructions

Download the zip folder for either PC or Mac. Unzip. Then click the .exe to play!

make sure that the IWantToMarryThePrincess.exe and the IWantToMarryThePrincess_Data folder are in the same place!


IWantToMarryThePrincessv1.01.zip 85 MB
IWantToMarryThePrincessv1.01MAC.zip 94 MB


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i had a hard time with the platforming, i think it might be a tad too sensitive but other than that i adore it

9_9 not ganna lie... Im not good enough to play this game. I can't get used to the controls. I lost level 1 over and over. What I saw up to their was good tho.

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It's a good game, how ever the controls are so wonky and sensitive that it takes a lot of time and effort to get up just one of the walls. It keeps freezing too...


This game was fun as hell, and I really enjoyed the amount of heart that went into it. I went through the tumblr page for this game and read the extended dialogue and background information on all the characters (including the mother of Clover?!) and it really does sounds like there's a lot more to world that you had in mind that you didn't end up getting into with this game! I hope at some point in the future you manage to make another entry with a little more experience under your belt as a team (and potentially without a time limit forcing a crunch on you guys!)

I ended up speed running this game, because why not? I don't know if anyone's done it before, but it just was my way of putting as strong an effort into grasping the mechanics behind the project as I felt was put together by y'all.

Keep your ambitions! <3

Cute little game, laughed at the end, but the controls really need tightening up, they are the mainstay of any platformer. This also may be because of the controls, but I don't see how the last boss was supposed to be beatable without doing what felt like an exploit. Would of liked a lives count on the UI as well, until the last boss I assumed it was bugged and would just keep healing me to full when I died :P

Had fun though, doesn't take too much time to play through.

the pace is really fast controls very sensitive but good game

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i can't run this on windows 10? s.o.s... does it only run on 64 bit pc's


I play on the mac version, and tbh its very frustrating to play. Also some bugs i have is that theres no dialogue at all like at all. Its very difficult to play as well because of how close you need to be to slash the enemies and how slippery the floor is.

I would like to play this, but everytime I try, it gives me an incompatibility error about having to check if I have 64 or 32 bit windows. Would appreciate some help

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Actually, forget What I said, I just realized that the game is supposed to be that short, right? is just a little love story, it would be nice if you guys could add an actual third level, just to built up more tension xD I change my mind about the music, is pretty awesome and catchy now that I got a pretty good time to hear it, the controlls are not the best, but for how long the game goes, it works, the art is still awesome and they have various facial expressions ,not just one or two but VARIOUS xD good work guys...Good work. The story is nice btw I havent read the backstory of each character yet since Tumblr is giving me some problems right now, but I'll get to that as soon as I can cause, all of them are so pretty I just have to know more about them xD

I have to ask, do you plan on expanding this game? maybe? like adding a few levels or more enemies sprites? more power ups or something? if not is totally fine, im sure it was quite a ride to make this in just 2 months, but it would be great if an update were to be released soon xD

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Its kinda neat, the problem is that Ellyn can be too damn slippery at times, also really fast so is hard not to run into any guards by accident, I have to take my time and slowly aproach them, I can stand that most of the time, but then theres the platforming which suffers the same problem again because Ellyn goes too damn fast! but hey, the game overall is pretty ok, 2 months? not half bad, I know how hard can be to make a game so I can tell. Also, add a save feature, or at least checkpoints before every boss, Katrina is hard, she is nintendo hard since everytime I die at her I have to start the level all the way back from the beginning, which is FRUSTRATING....sigh, I give this game 7.5/10 too generous? maybe, but with a little work this could be an awesome game, also another note, add some textures in level 0, is the most boring looking level I have ever seen since "Straight Line Zone" from a shitty sonic fangame, the castle background in the next level was a nice serve though xD

I ALMOST FORGOT! I dont know how could I not mention it before, the art? IS FANTASTIC is so nice and detailed, I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! the music is ok, not too shaby BUT THE ART OMG!!

*Ahem*, yeah the art is good xD

the game needs a save feature and the platforming is to slippery so play the original prince of persia game and learn from that.